Canine Care - The Health Benefits of Dog Grooming

We all love the feeling of leaving the salon with a fresh haircut and manicure. So does your dog! Keeping our canine friends groomed is an important part of their overall healthcare. Here are a few reasons to keep your buddy looking fresh -

Early detection of health issues

Keeping your dog’s fur trimmed and neat allows you a better view of their skin. You could more easily identify any lumps, bumps, or scratches that may need medical attention. Shorter hair also means easier identification of fleas and ticks, potentially preventing the risk of tick-borne illness.

A healthy coat

Keeping your bud’s fur trimmed reduces the likelihood of tangles and mats. Matting can become severe and uncomfortable as the fur tangles and wraps around itself, growing closer to the skin. Trims with your groomer and regular at-home brushing can prevent matting.

Comfortable walks

Nail trims are a crucial part of your dog’s healthcare. Trimming nails regularly during grooming appointments can prevent discomfort, ingrown nails, and changes in posture and gait. Manicures promote a healthy foot structure.

Keeping clean

Grooming on a regular basis can lower the chance of ear infections, keep debris from getting stuck in the fur, and reduce shedding around the house.

Photo: Dot Barnard

A groomed pup is a happy pup! For more information on dog grooming services available at Dakin, our groomer, and how to make an appointment, visit our website today!

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