Big Heroes for Little Buddies

Looking for an interesting friend to join your household for a little while? Dakin needs foster caregivers for small animals, dogs, and adult cats with behavioral challenges.

Jackie has been fostering Dakin animals for three years now, and she recently took in several baby rats. She said, “My five girls are so cute and sweet. They like to go for ‘walks’ with me on my shoulder around the house and are easy to care for. Socializing is important for them at this age and they like the interaction. I’m going to try to teach my girls some tricks because rats are very smart. You should give fostering a try!”

While previous experience isn’t necessary to foster baby rats, we are seeking cat-savvy people who have experience with the safe handling and behavior of difficult cats who need foster homes, especially understanding their body language and boundaries. These adult cats often find the shelter environment too overwhelming and fare better in quiet, cozy foster homes. Their behavior issues may include fear, severe shyness, not eating due to stress, or having limits on how much they like to be touched before possibly lashing out.

You can make a difference for these animals who need a bit of TLC in a home setting before they’re ready for adoption. When you foster, you decide how long you can care for an animal in your home, and we’ll work with you to make a good match.

If you’d like to foster adult cats with behavioral challenges, please email To open your home to other animal friends in need, please visit our website to get started.

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