Beating the Quarantine Blahs with Your Pet

You’re inside for winter, now add quarantine safety measures and working from home.  That can be a sure recipe for cabin fever.  Pets can become bored, too.  Let’s liven things up for you and them:

Food Puzzles: For dogs - put a little of your dog’s kibble in muffin tins, then top each tin with a tennis ball.  She’ll smell the food and figure out how to get it.  For cats - put your kitty’s food inside an empty paper towel roll that’s loosely filled with newspaper at either end and watch him work it out.

Take breaks: Working at home? Take your dog for a walk during your lunch break and return revitalized.  If you’ve got a cat, grab a favorite toy and play with them for 10 minutes, then reward them with a treat.  Bonus – they’ll probably take a long nap afterward and not Zoom bomb your next meeting with your boss.

Photo by Meg Delaney

Netflix & Snuggle: What’s better than this?  You, your furry special someone, a cozy couch and movies galore.

It’s show time: Teach your pet a new trick to stimulate their mind as well as yours, and strengthen your bond.  Whether it’s shake, roll over or jump through a hoop, you’ll get plenty of entertainment in the process.

Soak in the sunlight: Winter’s lack of sunlight can make you feel down.  Keep your home or apartment cheery by letting in as much sunlight as possible, maybe even adding an artificial sun lamp or two.  Both you and your pet will brighten up.

Photo by Hanne Van Oeckel

Musical moods: If you’re working from home, play some classical music in the background.  Unlike vocal music, it won’t distract you, and it’s a proven favorite with animals.

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