Barnacle Settles In

Every day, we bid farewell to animals as they leave our care and begin new lives with their adoptive families. When Samantha and her family adopted Barnacle, it was as though he had lived with them all along.

“He’s comically fluffy with tail plumage of at least four inches in diameter.” Samantha told Dakin. She added, “He's got a voracious appetite. When he eats, he closes his eyes and smiles. We call those his Big Happy Bites. He has never met a food he hasn’t wanted to try.”

Samantha recalled that Christmas felt like a miracle for Barnacle because “his favorite thing in the world is playing fetch and his preferred toy is trash.”

The family’s newest addition has also fallen in love with Lucy, the resident Corgi. Barnacle’s contentment with his new life is palpable. As we read more about his adventures as a housecat, we learned that he stands his ground, fearless, when it comes to the vacuum and, Samantha included, “he greatly enjoys staring at you while you use the bathroom and finds unbridled joy in watching the toilet flush.”

Barney, as his family nicknamed him, is a proud user of a cat stroller which he uses to build a growing number of adoring fans along the Northampton bike path.

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