Barks & Brews

by Lee Chambers

Barks and Brews, which took place on June 11,  is so much more than a great beer and a dog-friendly fundraiser. It was four hours spent with more than 500 animal-loving friends surrounded by many furry ones that bring so much joy to our lives.  Strangers met and exchanged stories about their pets while their dogs also became acquainted with one another. 

Others were picnicking on the grounds surrounded by their best friends in life (both human and animal). There was an abundance of patience and kindness as people interacted with their pets.

Some found their furry friends kiddy pool time in the Splash Zone and gave them frozen treats. Pet parents vacated their chairs so their dogs could have a seat at the table. They paid attention to how their pups were doing, gave them shade and a quick spray of a hose. Dogs getting nail trims were gently held by their people.

Yes, the event was a Dakin fundraiser but to see the joy, love and care being shared among each attendee (human and canine) was the best part.

A huge thank you to the animal-loving folks at Fort Hill Brewery for hosting Barks & Brews and being so generous of their time, staff, space and, of course, beer. The rarity of a dog-friendly place is to be celebrated because the folks at Fort Hill Brewery recognize the importance of having animals in our lives and have shared with us a venue that can be enjoyed by people and their pets.

This truly was a party for the dogs and from the looks on their faces, and wagging tails, they knew they were the guests of honor. What more could a dog want? Outside time with other dogs and with the person they love, cold treats and a chance to splash around.

We tip our water bowls to all who attended, our sponsors River Valley Co-op, The Good Dog Spot and Paw Street Barkery, and especially our friends at Fort Hill Brewery that make this event possible.  Thanks to everyone's support, we raised just over $25,000 to help Dakin's animals.

See you next year....

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