Addressing a Serious Complaint

At Dakin, transparency is very important to us and we understand that many are affected by the emotional nature of our work. After an inward look and long discussion, we have made the decision to share with you a serious complaint that has been presented against Dakin. It is our hope that it will provide context to future decisions we must make regarding our animal adoption program.

"Dear Dakin,

I am writing in order to lodge a formal complaint against you. On August 20th, 2016, my partner and I entered your facility. On this day we were introduced to an “office cat” named Maya. We brought her home that day and renamed her Rubeus (Bee, for short).

We were not warned about what we were going to face over the last two and a half years. No one told us the difficulties we were going to face.

We have the cutest cat in the world and someone must take responsibility for this cuteness. What we have faced, with her cute face, is inexplicable. The troubles we have faced, the number of treats we have given. The struggle has been, as they say, real.

No one warned us that we would be late for work because her adorable little face wanted more pets. No one told us how quickly I would rush home from any activity so that she wouldn’t get fed 5 minutes late. No one warned us that dinner would be late because we were blessed by having her sit on our lap and of course we can’t get up.

Rubeus is the cutest cat that has ever existed and we were not properly warned of the effects of this and we are outraged. Someone must be held responsible for her cute little face. April Fools! She’s perfect and we’d be lost without her. Thank you for helping us find our baby Bee."

Did we get you? Because this got us! Adopters Kye and Lindsey shared this very convincing complaint with us back in 2019 and we couldn’t think of a better time to share it with you! Have a great April Fool’s Day, Dakin friends!

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