A Sweet Deal for Lollipop

In the days following the arrival of 2023, Dakin prepared for an out-of-state transport from a shelter partner. The scheduled transport would include a number of young cats. These partner relationships form a network of support for at-risk animals all around the country.

Many states continue to suffer from severe animal overpopulation and cannot meet the demand for shelter and resources. While New England animal organizations are seeing significant changes in animal populations and the needs of families with pets in recent years, many are still able to help.

Lollipop was among the group of cats transported to Dakin from a shelter that needed help. We opened our doors and warmly welcomed our new feline friends, knowing they were already halfway through their journeys to loving homes. During wellness exams with our veterinarian, Lollipop was found to have an upper respiratory infection. A “kitty cold” that’s very common among cats exposed to shelter and transport environments.

To recover more comfortably, Lollipop was moved to Sam’s home, a Dakin foster caregiver. Shortly after her arrival, Sam described her to other volunteers as one of the sweetest cats they’d ever met.

Not only did Lollipop settle in, but she dominated every possible napping spot and found joy atop a warm air vent. Sam learned that Lollipop also enjoyed the comforts of cat pajamas, a hand-me-down gift from the resident cat.

When animals come to Dakin from other shelters, we often know very little about their history. Fosters immediately begin learning about an animal’s preferences and behaviors, which paints a clear picture for potential adopters. Sam’s observations (and adorable photos) were used to create a unique profile just for Lollipop, which ultimately made it easier for her to find a great home.

Lollipop’s time in foster care revealed her personality as friendly, adventurous, playful, and cuddly. Her future adopter learned from her profile that she enjoys sleeping in her person’s bed, watching movies, and picking up small items like socks and carrying them around the house. Lollipop’s time of transition was significantly less stressful and a lot more fun thanks to Sam.

You can help animals in need just like Lolipop by joining Dakin as a foster caregiver.

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