A Kitten Street Team Second Chance: Bombalurina

Kitten Street Team volunteer Anna received a frantic call one afternoon from a person who found an adult cat and five kittens while raking her yard.

Mom had hidden her babies in a long, narrow space between two fences on the edge of the property. When mom cat saw the concerned homeowner, she bolted, as feral (wild) cats do. Anna recommended that the kittens be left there, as mom would come back and move them.

Once kittens are exposed and the mom feels there’s a threat, it’s typical for her to scoop them up and move them to a new place.

As Anna predicted, Mom returned at night and moved her kittens to a new place. But, she left one behind. Anna reassured the homeowner that Mom would be back for her. By sunrise, the lone kitten was still there and had started to cry out. Anna grabbed her gear and headed for the fence.

The only access point was a small gap between the fences of the homeowner and the adjacent property, which was vacant and padlocked with No Trespassing signs posted. After contacting local police to tell them about the situation, Anna got the green light to enter the vacant property. She contorted herself to wedge her arm between the fences up to her shoulder in order to reach the kitten.

The lone kitten was brought to Dakin for assessment and placed into a foster home, where she’d spend the next two months of her life. She was named Bombalurina, after a character in the Broadway musical Cats, portrayed on screen by the ever-popular Taylor Swift.

Bombalurina enjoyed the comforts of her foster home while she adjusted to life among humans. She was so young that the exposure to humans and frequent handling helped her understand that people are good and that it’s okay to trust them.

Her foster caregiver performed around-the-clock feedings and other daily healthcare while she grew into a curious and friendly kitten. She got to know other kittens in the foster home and picked up how to play with ease.

Eventually, the day came for Bombalurina to leave the loving care of her foster home and meet her adopter. Her foster caregiver shared with staff that this was a very special kitten and it was tough to let go. Knowing that Bombalurina’s cuddly and happy disposition was a direct result of her dedicated care-giving, she said goodbye and Bombalurina was off on a new journey with her adoptive family.

What could have been a tragic discovery between two fences instead ended in a promising new beginning for Bombalurina and a cherished memory for her foster person, Anna, and the Kitten Street Team.

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