A Bounty of Bunnies

by Lee Chambers


Things were hopping at Dakin in Springfield on Monday, July 22 when 23 rabbits arrived, with help from an animal control officer. What was already a busy day became chaotic when staff had to immediately re-prioritize their tasks to make room for so many rabbits.

The rabbits were medically assessed, genders and ages were determined, and several Lionhead rabbits went on the adoption floor quickly. We were also alerted that we may receive even more rabbits from the same source sometime this coming week, which will only add to the regular number of daily arrivals of animals (including rabbits from other typical admissions).

Want to help? Come see us if you’re considering in adopting a rabbit (we’ve certainly got a lot of great looking adoptees!). If you’re not interested, please consider sharing the news that we’re up to our ears in rabbits right now…you could help direct interested adopters our way!

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