63 Days at Dakin…and a Beautiful Spirit

Spirit arrived to Dakin in rough shape on March 13, 2024. He was covered in wounds from other cats in his previous home and his fur was thinning all over his back, sides, and abdomen. On top of everything, Spirit had a persistent, and serious upper respiratory infection (URI).

While in our care, he was treated with multiple rounds of medication for his URI, which never fully seemed to be resolved. He underwent entropion surgery (a procedure to correct an eyelid) and afterwards was restricted to wearing a cone. He hated that cone. Yet, despite all of this, Spirit's spirit remained unbroken.

And, as usual, our amazing volunteer and staff team members went above and beyond to help Spirit recover, spoon-feeding him, holding up his food bowls, and cleaning out his cone when it got messy. He got a lot of love and care from the Cat TLC volunteer group, who spent considerable time with him to ensure that he was on the road to recovery, and not lacking for playtime or company.

Spirit's medical history may have been 12- pages long, but his personality shined brightly through, as evident by his Cat TLC notes:

4/30/24 "Great cat - love bug for sure."

5/3/24 "I LOVE THIS CAT!"

5/4/24 "Adorable as advertised. Lots of pets, scratches, and loved the brush ❤️ "

5/7/24 "Seemed like he was in heaven being petted! Such a loud purr! Loved snacks. So loving!"

And, for the final TLC entry on 5/14/24, "Loves the lap! Loves all food! Great guy!" These notes displayed just how loved and adored Spirit was by everyone who met him. And, his adopter saw beyond all his medical challenges and fell in love too.

Thank you to everyone who helped care for him during his 63-day long stay. We appreciate it more than we could ever express, and your compassion was lifesaving for Spirit.

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