2021: Challenges, Successes, and Joy

As 2021 comes to a close, we remember the joy brought to animals served and saved while also supporting people whose lives became richer because they got to share it with their pet. These are our most memorable moments.

Sadie becomes 100,000th spay/neuter patient

Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic welcomed its 100,000th patient when Sadie, a five-year-old beagle, was brought in for spay surgery last spring.  Her people booked our clinic because they had brought Sadie to Dakin before and were impressed with how our staff handled their girl.  

Keeping Pets Fed

For the entire month of March, Dakin conducted its first annual Pet Food Drive, which yielded over 10,000 pounds of pet food.  People who need pet food often sacrifice their own food for their pets.  Thanks to everyone who contributed, we can help give people the pet food they need to keep their companions by their side.

Life-saving animal transport

Dakin sent staff and volunteers who braved 4th of July traffic to New Jersey to meet a plane filled with animals that were sent north from a shelter in Texas.  We were just one of many animal welfare organizations that came together to assist in one of the biggest transports ever.  Our team rescued 7 cats and 9 dogs; giving them a new future in the Pioneer Valley!

The miracle puppy

Yeich, an 18-month-old pit bull who was laboring unsuccessfully to deliver her pups, was rushed to Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic by her distraught family.  Dakin’s medical team rushed Yeich into surgery, but the prognosis was grim for her litter.  Sadly, two of the pups didn’t survive, but the third, a tiny female, surprised everyone.

Answering the call to help

In the devastating wake of Hurricane Ida, a Dakin team spent a week working alongside animal welfare professionals whose everyday reality is completely different from shelters in the northeast.  Read how animal welfare professionals bonded together to save lives.

Shock and Awe(some)

When Damian and Oren delivered donations to Dakin, they were about to get the surprise of a lifetime, cleverly arranged by their parents and Dakin staffers. We captured the special moment on video.

A dramatic save

On a snowy Sunday morning last winter, a very sick kitty named Shiloh was brought to Dakin.  Her person was desperate for help for her beloved companion, and turned to us.  An x-ray revealed how serious Shiloh’s condition was, and our medical director braved a blizzard to save her.  

Kitten Street Team in action

Dakin’s Kitten Street Team works tirelessly all year round.  These amazing volunteers brave the elements of each season to rescue the tiniest – and most fragile – lives. Read about one of their biggest challenges yet.

Another chapter for Lucy

On a particularly cold winter day, Lucy was found outside and alone. The kind person who found her gave her the gift of a warm, safe place to stay. This place became her home for six years, but then tragedy struck.  Find out how Dakin helped Lucy find joy again.  

Stepping up for cats

When Dakin was asked to take in over 60 cats from a hoarding situation, we knew we needed to provide a safe place for them, and your support enabled us to say “yes.” Here’s more about this remarkable effort.  

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