Annual Impact Report

With your support, Dakin Humane Society has created innovative programs that positively impact the lives of animals and the people who love them. Services including pet food aid, accessible public veterinary care, and spay/neuter surgery help keep people and pets together. Additionally, Dakin's PAWS Program (Program for Animal Wellness) specifically provides for the increasing number of animals in our care with extraordinary needs.


2022 was a mix of new beginnings and reemerging trends at Dakin. Staff, volunteers, and supporters at Dakin rose to the challenge to serve our community with integrity, compassion, and innovation. Please click here to view our 2022 Impact Report.


Pets and people belong together. Either one can fall on hard times. Sometimes that means people in our community struggle to keep their pets fed, healthy, and by their side. And other times that means giving shelter, care and treatment to those who are vulnerable and have yet to find a home. Please click here to view our 2021 Impact Report.


Although 2020 was a year like no other, it was also a year deeper in compassion, unity, and empathy towards one another. You helped deliver care to animals both inside and outside our walls during great times of need. Thanks to you, our clinics remained open, keeping pets healthy, our Pet Food Aid Program distributed four times as many meals to keep pets fed, and our Safety Plan for Animals gave temporary shelter to animals displaced due to COVID-19. Please click here to view our 2020 Impact Report.


At Dakin, we believe in working together to provide lifesaving care and support for every animal you enable us to serve. You are an invaluable friend to Dakin, and there are endless animals who need you. You help us fill the gaps that exist within our community by keeping people and pets together, giving animals the best possible outcome. Please click here to view our 2019 Impact Report.


"Effectiveness in action" graphic
In April 2018, Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic treated its 80,000th patient, a friendly seven-month-old miniature schnauzer named Sasha, who lives in Springfield. Her family was able to take advantage of a lowered surgical fee for people receiving financial assistance, which made Sasha's successful surgery happen. That's just one of the many safety-net services you make possible that keep pets with their people. Please click here to view our 2018 Impact Report.