Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet from Dakin Humane Society! All available animals are listed on our website, which updates in real-time.
Check back often!

Step 1: Find a friend!

Visit our website to view listings of all animals currently looking for homes.

  • You’ll find information on each pet’s history and preferences (when known) on their profile.
  • Ready to take the next step? Click the pink “Adopt Me” button on the pet’s profile and complete an application. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details and next steps.
  • If you have questions about a specific animal, please submit an application.
  • Your application is saved and can be used for other pets you apply for at Dakin in the event your first application isn’t a match.

An application is not a hold, reservation, or guarantee on pet adoption.

Step 2: The adoption process

  • After applying, follow the steps in your confirmation email to set up a phone call with an animal resource counselor. You’ll be called within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. This call is the time to go over all the details about the pet, answer your questions, and decide if it’s a match.
  • After your call, it’s time to schedule the adoption. We have two adoption options to choose from. Pickup curbside (free) or schedule an in-person meet & greet prior to making an adoption decision ($25 fee).
  • After approval and payment of the adoption fee, pets must be adopted within 48 hours. We offer adoption appointments Tuesday - Saturday from 12:30 - 4:00.
  • Items you’ll need at the time of your adoption (available for purchase at Dakin):
  • A secure carrier if adopting a cat, kitten, or small pet
  • A collar and leash if adopting a dog/puppy

Housing requirements for small animals

Most small animal housing sold in pet stores is too small for them. Please carefully review our housing requirements based on small animal species. Measure your housing to make sure it meets or exceeds the requirements.

A photo of your small animal housing is required. After completing your application, email your photo and measurements to

Some small animal housing is available for purchase at Dakin. Just ask!

Additional Information

  • Pets are added to our website as soon as they become available and are removed when they have received the maximum number of applications or have been adopted.
  • All adoption fees are due after your application has been approved. We are unable to offer payment plans or accept checks.
  • “Hero Needed” pets have special behavioral and/or medical needs.
  • See more pets who need homes in our community listings here.

If your application wasn’t selected:

If your first application didn’t work out, try again! Animals are adopted by the first family we speak to whose home is a good fit for their needs. Your application information is stored and can be used for future applications for other pets.

Looking for a specific breed?

If you are looking for a puppy or a specific dog breed, it’s okay to work with a responsible breeder!

It will take work and time to get the dog you’re dreaming of. Working with a responsible breeder eliminates the risk of unknowingly supporting puppy mills, where dogs live in cruel and inhumane conditions. Puppies from these mills often suffer from severe medical and/or behavior issues. Follow these tips -

  • Never buy a puppy unless you personally meet the puppies’ mom.
  • Never buy a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old.
  • Never buy a puppy that needs to be shipped to you, or from a pet store. These are from puppy mills and their mom and dad will live their lives in terrible conditions. Buying those pups supports puppy mills.

Click here for information about why working with a responsible breeder may be right for you, and what to look for in an excellent breeder.