Take a New Pet Home!

You can get started in one of these ways:

• View pets online
• Stop by one of our adoption centers

Some animals on our site will have a note saying "in a foster home." They are ready for adoption, but are better suited to wait in a home than our busy adoption centers. Please call us at 413-781-4000 to set up an appointment to meet them. They will be even happier in your home!

What you'll need to do

  • Visit the Dakin adoption centers and fall in love with all of the animals.
  • Narrow down your list to just one or two animals (hint: this is the hardest part!).
  • Talk with an adoption counselor to learn what we know about the pet and decide if she will be a good match for your home.
  • If you rent your home, talk to your landlord before coming to see us—it will make things easier!
  • If you are thinking about adopting a new dog, we recommend bringing in all members of your family (including your current dogs) to be sure everyone gets along.
  • For the safety of your furry new friend, bring a cat carrier if adopting a cat, or a collar and leash if adopting a dog. We have these available for sale if you don't have them with you at the time of adoption.

Adoption Fees


Fees for Dogs: $175.00-$550.00

Dakin Humane Society provides valuable care and treatment for all kinds of animals in need. Last year, we found homes for nearly 5,000 animals. Some of those animals were in need of an extraordinary amount of medical intervention. Our veterinary team works tirelessly to save animals with life threatening conditions.

Variable adoption pricing allows us to provide top quality care for all animals. Having a higher adoption fee for animals that will find a home quickly enables us to care for other animals in need of lifesaving medical and behavioral intervention. Our variable pricing helps us to provide excellent care for animals who reside in our adoption centers for a longer stay.

Dog Adoption Fees

  • Our adoption fee for adult dogs (6 months or older) is $175-$375
  • For puppies under 6 months (including pit bull and pit bull mix puppies), the adoption fee is $550.

Please note, Dixie Dog adoptions have an additional $50 fee, which helps cover some of the costs associated with bringing in out of state animals.


Cat Adoption Fees

  • Our adoption fee for adult cats (cats 6 months or older) is between $59 and $179
  • The adoption fee for kittens (cats younger than 6 months old) is $350
  • The adoption fee for 2 kittens (cats younger than 6 months old) is $450

For all ages, you receive more than $450 in medical care – a big savings over getting a “free” kitty and paying all the veterinary bills yourself!

Why do different cats have different prices at Dakin?

With all pricing the same, adopters will quickly choose some cats and overlook others. This means some amazing cats will remain waiting at our adoption centers for a long time. We discount the adoption fee on the cats at risk of being overlooked. Lower adoption fees encourage potential adopters to stop and check them out!

Small Animals

Fees for Small Animals: Varies

We help a variety of small furred and feathered animals. Their adoption fees often include discounts for bonded pairs. 

Small animals need big houses! Please read the information below to ensure that you will have adequate housing for your pet.

Cage requirements for small animals

Small Animal Housing - AW edit (1).pdf (364.5 KiB)

Adoption fees for small animals:

  • Rabbits: $60 (We spay/neuter all rabbits before adoption; bonded pairs are 2 for the price of 1)
  • Guinea pigs: $30 (pair $45)
  • Hamsters: $15
  • Gerbils: $15 (pair $25)
  • Ferrets: $85 (pair $140)
  • Mice: $10 (pair $15)
  • Rats: $12 (pair $20)
  • Degus: $35 (groups to go home together $70)
  • Chinchillas: $125 (pair $200)
  • Parakeets: $20 (pair $35)
  • Finches: $15 (pair $25) for common species like zebra. Other species please inquire
  • Lovebirds: $50 (pair $80)
  • Cockatiels: $75 (pair $125)
  • Doves: $10 (pair $15)
  • Other birds: please inquire

Adoption fees for all dogs and cats include:

  • Spay or neuter surgery (We spay/neuter our rabbits, too!)
  • Microchip (a permanent identification to help protect animals from loss or theft)
  • Primary vaccinations
  • A free examination at a participating veterinary office
  • A 30-day gift of free pet insurance from 24PetWatch (available only upon request)
  • Life-long support from our behavior experts

How long will it take?

Allow yourself plenty of time to meet the animals, complete the paperwork, and ask questions. Once you choose an animal and begin working with an adoption counselor it generally takes 30 minutes to finish up. Most—but not all—animals are available to go home on the same day.

We are busiest on the weekends, so visit us during the week for a shorter wait time!

Holding an animal for another day

We know that some of our adopters need time to think things over and get their supplies ready. If the pet you’ve chosen won’t be going home with you today, we can hold the animal until the close of the following business day for an additional, non-refundable fee of $25.00. You can also place a hold on an animal by phone with a debit or credit card.