Meet Ruckus w/ Oddball and Titan

Location: Springfield
Gender: Male
Hmm, feels like it might rain! Oh hi- I bet you didn't know that we mice use our whiskers to feel surfaces and detect changes in weather! Another cool thing we can do is communicate with each other using ultrasonic sounds the human ear can't detect. As well as being super interesting, we're also super adorable. We like to tuck ourselves into small places- give us a box to hide in and we'll fluff up our bedding into a soft nest. Mice like me eat all kinds of things! You should buy us a seed mix from the pet store and then as a treat you can give us small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. An exercise wheel in our cage helps keep us fit and healthy. You can keep us busy with things to crawl through and chew on- cardboard tubes make great and inexpensive toys! If you're interested in adopting me e-mail the adoption staff at and include your name and phone number.

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