Meet Quasar - Spirit Cat - Hero Needed

Domestic Shorthair
Location: Springfield
Gender: Male
Age: 2 year
Hi my name is Quarsar. Before coming to Dakin I lived in a house with 30 other cats. Being around other cats is very important to me and makes me feel safe and comforted. If you take me home, I would need to come with one of my buddies from my old house, or become friends with a cat that already lives with you. I would not do well as an only cat. I am not used to people and am very scared of being approached. I might get used to sharing a space with you, but will probably never want to get picked up. Change is extremely difficult for me and I will need a lot of help from my new family to adjust to a new house. I am going to need to start by staying in the smallest, quietest room in your house so I can slowly adjust the smells, sounds, and people in the home. This will also help me easily find my litter box so I don't have any accidents. I am a shy, sensitive and nervous guy, it's just who I am and I cannot change that. I will most likely hide when people come over or if there is any noises or activity that I am not familiar with. If you can accept me for who I am and give me the kind and patient home I have been looking for, please email

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