Meet Quasar - Hero Needed

Domestic Shorthair
Location: Springfield
Gender: Male
Age: 2 year
Hi my name is Quarsar. Before coming to Dakin I lived in a house with 30 other cats. Being around other cats is very important to me and makes me feel safe and comforted.

If you take me home, I would need to come with one of my buddies from my old house, or become friends with a cat that already lives with you. I would not do well as an only cat.

I am not used to people and am very scared of being approached. I might get used to sharing a space with you, but will probably never want to get picked up. Change is extremely difficult for me and I will need a lot of help from my new family to adjust to a new house. I am going to need to start by staying in the smallest, quietest room in your house so I can slowly adjust the smells, sounds, and people in the home. This will also help me easily find my litter box so I don't have any accidents. I am a shy, sensitive and nervous guy, it's just who I am and I cannot change that. I will most likely hide when people come over or if there is any noises or activity that I am not familiar with.

If you can accept me for who I am and give me the kind and patient home I have been looking for, please email us and include your name and phone number to

Animals in Dakin's P.A.W.S. Program (Program for Animal Wellness) have a wide variety of special needs and are in search of their hero adopter. Each animal has a unique story and their needs range from complex medical care to finding a home that can simply offer extra patience and understanding. Our P.A.W.S. Program is made possible through the generosity of our donors who allow us to go the extra mile for animals with special needs on their journeys to loving homes.

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