Meet Meep - VIP

Domestic Shorthair
Location: Springfield
Gender: Female
Age: 3 months
***NO KIDS*** Not for the faint of heart. She is basically the equivalent of a toddler getting into everything & tons of energy - literal lightning bolts in her veins. Being partially hind-end paralyzed for 6 weeks, then regaining full function has made her SO excited and she cannot contain herself!
Meep would love to go home with another young cat. She loves dogs so can also live with them.

She loves to sit next to the tub and watch you shower - is that creepy or cute? You can decide for yourself (we think it's cute!) She loves to sleep on plush fleece blankets. Fleece = instant purrs & biscuit making! She doesn't enjoy being picked up and cuddles on her own terms. When you get up from the couch, you can expect your seat to be taken. Her favorite activities are bird watching and supervised playtime outside. Meep may actually enjoy being an INDOOR/OUTDOOR cat once she is older and adjusted to her new home. She's your "neighborhood watch" girl! She also enjoys digging in plants - so make sure they are non-toxic and where she can't reach! Her favorite toys are wands, chirping toys, crumpled up paper, cardboard boxes and bubbles!

She is go-go-go for the majority of the day, but will settle down and relax when she has tired herself out. Playtime is going to be crucial is keeping Meep AND you happy!

Medical needs: due to her traumatic injury before arriving at Dakin, Meep is likely to need expensive orthopedic hip surgery.

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Springfield Adoption & Education Center
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For more information please call 413-781-4000 (Springfield) or 413-548-9898 (Leverett).

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