Meet Kali - in foster - See My Cute Video!

Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society
Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Weight: L
Kali is a lovely young girl, with a big heart. Literally, a big heart; she has significant cardiac issues. She is in search of a family with hearts big enough to offer her love, and the specialized care that she needs.

Kali has been in foster care while waiting to see the veterinary cardiologist, and her foster home said:
"Kali is an excellent, well behaved dog, especially for a pup. Every dog is her friend and she loves to play with every dog. Please no cats though! People - all people - are her friend too. She will bark if someone comes to the door but as soon as they are in the house they are her best friend. If someone runs and throws a ball, she is right there with them. Rather walk? That's good with her too. No matter what, after dinner it's lap time with you. Kali rides well in a car. She goes to her crate on command and does well in the crate. She's completely house trained. But remember, she's still young. Occasionally she thinks soft things are toys (even when they're not). She is a fabulous dog."

Kali has now seen a veterinary cardiologist and has a treatment plan, which will help her be comfortable and active for as long as possible. She does need a special diet, ongoing medication, and follow up with a veterinary cardiologist. Her condition will worsen and progress to heart failure at some point; we don't know if that will be many years from now, or sooner.

We do know that right now, she is happy, fun, playful, and full of love for everyone she meets. We don't think she should be put down now because the future for her is not the same as it is for other dogs. Not everyone is perfect.

If you know a family with hearts big enough to welcome this happy puppy and provide her the care she needs, please share her story with them.

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