Clinic PLUS


Clinic PLUS is a program dedicated to helping families in our community who are unable to go to a full-service animal hospital for non-urgent medical issues.  The clinic is available for cats and dogs by appointment only at our Springfield Animal Resource Center.  At this time, Clinic PLUS is only able to see and treat a limited type of common pet health issues such as ear infections, skin allergies, and minor injuries.  

We offer routine treatment packages that range in price from $119 - $169 and include the office visit, diagnostics, and treatment/medications.

To learn more about available Treatment Packages, click here.

We can treat the following issues:


Itchy Skin
Ear infection
Skin allergies
Minor cuts and wounds

Torn or embedded nail
Minor injuries
Sneezing, discharge from eyes/nose (Cats only)


Clinic PLUS also offers Healthy Pet Packages for annual exams, vaccinations, and basic preventative care. To learn more about available Healthy Pet Packages, click here.

> There are no available appointments for Clinic PLUS at this time. Please check back regularly - we will update this page as new dates become available.

Dakin’s Clinic PLUS is not a full-service veterinary clinic and is only open two weekday mornings each week.  We are not equipped to treat emergencies, serious illnesses, or chronic conditions.