Dakin Dog Training Classes

We offer a variety of dog training classes, from beginner to advanced, based on the CLASS model. CLASS stands for Canine Life and Social Skills, and it is about teaching basic life skills for any good dog. Dogs and handlers will work together on such topics as walking nicely on a leash, settling down when asked, meeting strangers politely, and coming when called.

CLASS is an assessment program launched by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to provide dog/student teams the opportunity to have their skills evaluated by a professional dog trainer. These skills can be transferred to everyday situations so  the dog may become a well balanced member of any household and a welcome part of society.

Testing for each level is optional and not required for attendance in any classes at Dakin Humane Society.

Class Locations

Springfield Dog Training Classes are held at the Dakin Adoption Center at 171 Union Street in Springfield, MA.

Hadley Dog Training Classes are held at the Dave’s Soda and Pet City at 335 Russell Street (Route 9) in Hadley, MA.

Leverett Dog Training Classes are held at the Dakin Adoption Center at 163 Montague Road in Leverett, MA.

Class Fees

The fee for all CLASS dog training levels (Basic, Better, Best, Elite) is $130.00 for a 6-week course.

Online Registration Surcharge

Online registration is convenient, but it comes with an additional fee charged by EventBrite. To avoid this fee, you may register over the phone by calling 413-781-4000 x 129 or in person at our Springfield or Leverett adoption centers during normal business hours.

Dakin Dog Discount

Pay only $100.00 to train your Dakin Dog. Registration for classes must be within 6 months of adopting the dog.

TJO Adopter Discount

Pay only $110.00 to train a dog you adopted from our friends at Thomas J O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center. Registration must be within 6 months of adoption.

Sliding Scale

Don't think you can afford the training class fees? We still want you to train your dog. Call us at 413-781-4000 x 129 or contact us by email about sliding scale fee options. A generous donor makes it possible for us to offer some training at discounted rates.

Getting Started

To get started, sign up for one of these Family Dog training classes:

Contact Us

If you have questions our website can't answer, please call 413-781-4000 x 129 or contact us by email.